we love to innovate.



Radical innovation requires agility and courage. Upcoming trends, new technologies and promising business models open up unprecedented opportunities.

However, this also means that new competitors are emerging. To survive in the long run, Greiner has to adapt to succeed. Because only the fittest survive.

For more than 150 years, Greiner is one of the world’s leading suppliers of plastics and foam solutions. So that it stays that way, Greiner Innoventures, the group’s innovation center, has developed the organizational framework for a holistic innovation strategy and has defined the stages from a very fuzzy front end to integration into the group.


This is the framework deployed by Greiner Innoventures to assess future trends, understand waves of change, and to capture the pearls in a blurred ocean of information and players.



StrongARM Tech- Risk Management ⁄ Subscription-based reusable chocolate ⁄ Image recognition technology ⁄ Squid I the New Eco-Friedly Plastic ⁄  Diagnost Artificial robot skin protects workers ⁄  Circular economy solution for black plastic ⁄  Augmented Reality and NFC ⁄  Alexa-personalize my packaging ⁄  DFree-Wearable for Incontinence ⁄  Shampoo straight out of the showerhead Smart vial kit ⁄  Biodegradable plastic ⁄  OLED technology ⁄  Online database of materials ⁄  W0rld´s first battery free hearing aid ⁄  Online database materials ⁄  Integrated display ⁄  Bottels made of recyclable bioplastics ⁄  Filter microplastic ⁄  The Bedjet 3 ⁄  On-the-go wine format ⁄  Smart bra improves women´s health ⁄  Machine learning for cobots



From uncharted territory to valuable strategic decisions – anticipating the future starts, where we turn a fuzzy world of weak signals into relevant clusters of technological, social, economic, and ecological trends.



Welcome to our fact-finding mission: Collected, clustered, and ranked – now its time to validate. Here we create exclusive insights on opportunities, challenges, latest developments, and more of our 30 most significant trends and technologies.



Ready for a deep dive! We want to create a solid basis for our recommendations, which is why we perform a thoroughly research on the top-ranked technologies. We identify leading research institutes, market players, barriers to adoption – in short, reliable facts & figures.



Faster product cycles with additive manufacturing? Artificial Intelligence knows it better? Thin and flexible electronics for smart products? We did the reading, now its time for hands-on research in our Greiner divisions.



We are easily quickly occupied with our daily business and continuous improvement. But it’s our job to think outside the box! This is why we created the Greiner Incubator to offer the framework for visionary and creative approaches to opportunities outside of our core business.


Meet the Greiner Innoventures Team

We are a colourful mix of expierences, cultures and professional backgrounds

but we have something in common: we don´t like things as they´ve always been

Managing Director

Hannes Möseneder

Innovation Management

Maria Jose Molina Bravo

Head of Corporate Incubation

Philipp Kranewitter

Corporate Engineering

Stefanie Painsith

Managing Director

Hannes Möseneder

Hannes Möseneder leads Greiner Technology & Innovation since the foundation of the group’s innovation hub.

Due to his many years of experience in various management functions at Greiner, he has a large network and an understanding of the different requirements of the industries Greiner serves. Equally important to him is the exchange with other – larger – companies regarding the challenges of innovation management.

Innovation Management

Maria Jose Molina Bravo

My main task is to create the strategic frame of reference for innovation processes and projects at Greiner.  Hence, terms such as innovation portfolio or innovation performance are part of my daily role. When not tackling an innovation issue, I might be dancing, trying a handstand, walking on the Alps or the Andes, or simply reading a good story.

Head of Corporate Incubation

Philipp Kranewitter

Philipp Kranewitter is the connecting element between the start-up world and the corporate world at INNOVENTURES – Greiner’s own corporate incubator. He is continuously searching for innovative ideas and new ventures. Do you have an innovative idea which transforms new technologies into a new venture? Just contact him now!

Corporate Engineering

Stefanie Painsith

Stefanie Painsith is a technology enthusiast and a perfectionist at heart. She coordinates projects that drive Greiner’s innovative product- and process solutions – currently she is working with the LIT Factory and its COMET center CHASE on frontier production technologies and on generating new pathways in recycling and is exploring the many possibilities of additive manufacturing.


Stay informed about Greiner Innoventures

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The Future Hunters forms an internal network of experts with the intention

– Working together for the future of Greiner



The Greiner Future Hunters Network (GFHN) is an exclusive worldwide network of Greiner employees who defined themselves as innovators, future thinkers and early adopters. More than 100 future hunters around the world work with us in the realms of science and technology, business, innovation, arts, design and culture to find out indications of change or the so-called weak signals.

With our network, we collect and evaluate a bright range of signals, emerging trends, technologies, concepts and business models. This broad set of information allow us to better understand drivers of change and potential disruptive developments from a global perspective.

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