Idea Challenge @ Greiner – 7 Day Power Challenge

Due to the corona crisis that started in March, Greiner Technology & Innovation, the innovation forge of the Greiner plastics and foam group with headquarters in Kremsm√ľnster (Upper Austria), spontaneously launched a week-long campaign of ideas. All the approximately 11,000 employees worldwide were invited to post their ideas about our products in connection with Covid-19.

Within a few days, idea contributors from all over the world submitted almost 40 ideas. Some of them were creative and could be implemented in a very short time, some were bizarre and a little bit reminiscent of science fiction, and some were quite suitable for long-term development

The winning idea for the foldable, disposable protective shield was spontaneously born, designed, optimized and revised by colleagues at Greiner Packaging in the Czech Republic, and the first prototypes have already been produced. 

Already since 2014, Greiner has had a digital idea platform called Greiner Innovation Community, to which the entire workforce has access.

More than 11,000 employees can give their ideas a virtual home on this platform and can make themselves and their knowledge visible across the whole group. This way, the entire workforce becomes an innovator and the innovation process becomes a transparent joint project. All users can evaluate, discuss and develop the published ideas.