Greiner Awards 2020

Every year, we at Greiner reward the best ideas, the most outstanding R & D projects, and the most successful innovations. In 2020 we have received five exciting projects for the R & D Award and 3 top innovation projects. The Greiner Executive Meeting thoroughly reviewed them and finally made a decision. Here are the winners!

Winner of the R & D Award 2020: GPOil submitted by Stephan Laske

The aim of this project is the chemical recycling of low-grade substitute fuels into high-quality polyolefin materials for food packaging. The material currently fed to incineration is to be converted into polymerizable crude oils by pyrolysis and oiling. The aim is to cover GPI’s demand for recyclates in the amount of approx. 25,000t and to achieve both a corresponding market advantage and independence.

Winner of the Innovation Award 2020: Vacuette Virus Stabilization Tube (VST) submitted by Moritz Wiesbauer

This project aimed to provide in the shortest time possible a series produced tube for transporting specimen collection swabs for SARS-CoV-2 testing due to the global shortage of such products. This objective should be reached with GBO standard equipment, processes, and components to achieve a short development time and a fast ramp-up to high volume production.The initial aim was to provide such a product for a US company. Afterward, the objective was extended to also introduce a GBO branded product to the market.

Idea Award 2020:

 The official presentation of the awards will take place during the “Emilie 2021”. At this event, we will present all submissions and award winners. 

On the occasion of this event, the Idea Award 2020 will also be presented. The focus of the 6th idea campaign was the topic of knowledge management. From all ideas submitted, the GTI compiled a shortlist. The Greiner Future Hunters were available as a jury. They chose Simple Expert System from Wolfgang Diesenreiter for the Idea Award 2020

We congratulate all award winners!