With ideas, it is the same as with people: You should encourage them. You should give them attention. And you should regularly check their potential. After a while, it becomes clear which idea has a future. These are the ideas that we at Greiner turn into solid research and development projects.

But every idea, no matter how great it is, must first become a reality. For this purpose, Greiner Technology & Innovation has developed the R & D Award. Nominated submissions are presented to the Board of Directors and the divisional managers for the selection of the most promising project. The real turbo for the development is then the Greiner R & D Award because it comes with considerable venture capital. In combination with the vast expertise and skills of our employees, this can turn these projects into significant innovations.

In 2019 six projects were submitted – a new record. All of the projects met the criteria for nomination. These are a complete application form with details to the project team with key persons and competencies, external research partners, degree of innovation, a presentation of the duration and milestones, cost planning, and a detailed project description. The criteria for evaluation are then attractiveness (strategic fit, differentiation potential, acceptance by potential customers), and resource strength (integration into existing production, know-how).

The winner of the R & D Award 2019 is the project “Greiner Intelligent Seat.” This smart aircraft seat was developed by Greiner Aerospace together with Greiner Purtec and Greiner AG in cooperation with external partners such as the University of Art (Linz, Austria) and others. The intelligent aircraft seat is equipped with sensor functions that measure humidity, surface pressure, and temperature. Thus, the Airlines and maintenance repair organizations are informed about the comfort and current state of the aircraft seat, and the flight crew is automatically informed about the passenger wellbeing during flight.

The project is characterized not only by cooperation across divisions and departments but also by a high degree of innovation. The Greiner Intelligent Seat can also – under the aspect of the digitization offensive – provide a clear technological advantage over competitors. Project Leader Norbert Hessenberger says: “With the development of the Greiner Intelligent Seat, Greiner Aerospace is becoming the innovation leader in the aircraft sector. The Intelligent Seat takes us one step further towards the connected, intelligent cabin.”