How to embed printed electronics into the products of Greiner Packaging and Greiner Bio One?

The team at Greiner Technology & Innovation has set itself ambitious goals with its new office in Vienna. In the middle of Austria’s largest innovation hub, weXelerate, the startup spirit meets international plastics expertise. Hannes Möseneder, Managing Director of Greiner Technology & Innovation GmbH, talks about Greiner Innoventures, the Greiner Corporate Incubator, and how to create a creative environment for new ideas.

 What is Greiner Innoventures?

Innoventures is the name of the Greiner Corporate Incubator. That’s where we identify opportunities at the earliest possible stage and transfer them into potential competitive advantages with the help of company building and corporate venturing. With Innoventures, we drive forward early-stage projects with high economic and technical risk – in an area detached from the Group’s core business – and implement them quickly or, if necessary, terminate them just as quickly.

Why did you choose the weXelerate? And what are the advantages of this location?

The weXelerate is Austria’s largest corporate innovation hub. For us as an Upper Austrian plastics group, it is immensely important to be on site here as well – in the federal capital on the one hand, and in this very hub on the other. Not only to exchange ideas with other corporates, but above all to network with exciting startups, to be inspired, to benefit from the dynamic and diverse environment and to generate the knowledge needed to drive change in our own organization.

What were the most important requirements for the office?

Our office has a significant impact on the way we work and communicate. Flexibility and modularity were important to us in order to be able to adapt the office to our changing needs. For example, space for collaborative work is just as important to us as enough retreat options to be able to ideally combine collaboration and concentrated individual work.

 What does innovation mean to you?

One speaks of innovation only when something new has been successfully implemented on the market. An idea or a project can be unique and promising, but it is useless if it is not successfully implemented on the market.

How do you stay innovative – as a company and as an individual?

The current Corona pandemic in particular shows us that it is less a question of supposedly being able to plan for the future than of adapting. As a company as well as an individual. It’s not about predicting the future, it’s about making sure you’re ready to respond to whatever might happen.

How is the innovation cycle going at Greiner?

At Greiner, we have chosen the path of “structural ambidextry”: Our operating units are challenged to maintain or expand their positions with continuous improvements. We, on the other hand, have the advantage of not having to defend anything and even being able to try out disruptive business models and technologies for Greiner of the day after tomorrow. We are allowed or even required to make mistakes quickly; our colleagues are expected to avoid mistakes wherever possible.