The last decades have seen an increased momentum and buzz around the idea of a connected world. The evolution of technologies such as the Internet of Things, in which objects are embedded with electronic systems in a sophisticated network that enables the collection and exchange of data, is disrupting the way we live.

By following our discovery process, we came to a pioneering technology that is enabling an even more connected world: printed electronics.

Printed electronics is one of the fastest growing technologies today. Ultrathin, lightweight, robust and economic to manufacture are some of the main key features that distinguish those electrical devices. They are created by printing methods using conductive, semi-conductive or dielectric inks and pastes that can be deployed on a variety of substrates. 

These tiny devices are becoming invaluable to several industries such as healthcare or aerospace. Its applications range from flexible keyboards, touch surfaces, electronic skin patches and many more. As an enabler for the further development of the Internet of Things, they make every day object smart.

Printed electronics became soon the leitmotiv that led most of our activities during 2019. Here you can find some of the projects and the activities that we undertook under the roof of printed electronics.