The first step in this regard is the anticipative search for weak signals and hence the early detection of chances that could lead to fresh success potential, which Greiner designates as “Opportunities”. Greiner Technology & Innovation clusters these uncategorized opportunities in technology areas and subsequently submits them to over a hundred scientific and industrial experts for evaluation. The top ranked technologies are then included in the Greiner Signals Radar.


The Greiner Signals Radar is a growing and dynamic tool that attempts to capture technologies of the greatest relevance for Greiner. It is an inspirational aid that supports group strategy and search field identification in several group business areas. Some of the thirty technologies that we launched via the Greiner Signals Radar during 2018 were selected by experts from our Divisions and the Strategic Management Meeting. As these appeared to be the most important technologies from a current perspective, Greiner Technology & Innovation carried out technological deep dives, or so-called potential analyses.

Potential Analysis

At this stage, we identify the research institutes that are leaders in the various fields and outline both present research trends and the barriers to adoption. An overview of markets and players and a description of potential business models within Greiner are also provided and last, but not least, Greiner Technology & Innovation offers recommendations for further activities.

Group Research

After providing deep insights in a specific technology, the executive board at Greiner selects between 2 and 3 technologies and commissions a Group Research Initiative to Greiner Technology & Innovation. In 2018 the main topics were “Polytronics” and “Additive Manufacturing”, while the 2019 focus was on “Artificial Intelligence”. A group research topic becomes then the Leit motiv of the year that drives most of our projects and initiatives at Greiner Technology & Innovation.


At this stage, Greiner Innoventures cooperates with start-ups for the concrete development of outside the core business and their scalability. With its corporate Incubator, Greiner provides the framework and the resources to collaboratively work with entrepreneurs.  We combine our expertise and strengths with the visionary and creative approaches of start-ups. Under this roof, we try out new technologies while diminishing risk, we speed up development cycles and to push technologies until they reach maturity.