Future-proof innovations with the circle17 Impacthon

Greiner Technology & Innovation has worked together with non-profit organizations, start-ups and students to promote sustainable innovations. More than 150 participants spent three days at the circle17 Impacthon working on new business models for pressing sustainability challenges and developing potential partnerships. The event organized by respACT and AustrianStartups focused on building entrepreneurial resilience.

Three days – one vision

“How can the cycle of mattresses be closed?” This was one of the questions posed by Greiner Technology & Innovation, among others, who worked out creative proposals for solutions in a virtual Impacthon over the weekend. The Impacthon – a hackathon with “Impact” – linked the member networks of the organizers respACT & and AustrianStartups in order to jointly drive forward promising innovations.¬†More than forty (inter)national mentors from the fields of sustainability & business accompanied the interdisciplinary teams with their expertise. Especially in times of an ongoing climate crisis, cooperation, creative approaches and an open dialogue between business partners are in high demand.

Potential partners for solutions

At the end of the three-day event, the eleven teams, which were made up of a total of 70 start-up founders, students, programmers and enthusiasts, presented their proposed solutions. The award-winning companies, including epiclay, sleepify, NASKA and Grätzlfarm, were offered a two-month coaching program supported by circle17 partners WhatAVenture & TheVentury. The results of the Impacthon can be viewed via the following link: circle17.at/our-project-teams/

More about circle17 and respACT here: www.circle17.at and www.respact.at