How to embed printed electronics into the products of Greiner Packaging and Greiner Bio One?

That was the challenging question that several startups were asked to solve in two exciting days of Greiner hackathon. A Hackathon is an innovation format in which groups of creators, entrepreneurs – normally young an open-minded people – are called to solve a specific challenge in a very short time.
Greiner Technology & Innovation in cooperation with Pioneers organized on the last October 2018 the first ever executed Marathon at Greiner.

The Greiner Hackathon took place at WeXcelerate in Wien and for 2 days summon 10 start-ups from different nationalities. The challenge faced by those start-ups consisted in provide novel applications for printed electronics as potential enhancements for existing products of Greiner.

The solution should not only provide a technical approach but rather a holistic plan set in a business model, in which Greiner clients and consumers profit from the benefits of data and digital applications.
We were amazed with the outcomes, the ideas gathered, and the reflections generated in those two days were inspiring for all participants. Many of the ideas generated in this format would probably never appear within the boundaries of our company.

Unfortunately, there was place for just one winner, and it was Prismade! A German start-up which developed an invisible printed mark and proposed its application on yogurt packaging as an amplifier of user experiences. The mark allows users to easily connect the yogurt packaging with online content. The consumers could then find funny games or detailed information about the product and its ingredients in an engaging form.

Greiner has established further contact with Prismade in order to possibly integrate their solution into Greiner Packaging Products.