Innovation is the introduction of something new, successfully placed on the market. So, no matter how good a project is, it is useless if it is not successfully implemented on the market.

Greiner Technology & Innovation searches for the very best innovation practices in the divisions. With the innovation award, we bring successful innovation in front of the curtain. We set a stage to recognize the best innovation practices at Greiner and to celebrate the winners jointly. We want to honor the people behind outstanding products or services at Greiner and appreciate their creative and managerial skills. In the end, these are the people who push forward the boundaries of the industries and the markets they serve. 

In the experimental phases of Research & Development, many of our projects mature into real and profitable innovations. The Greiner Executive Committee closely watches on compliance with a variety of criteria like economic efficiency, the return on investment, an increase in productivity, respectively the reduction of production costs.

In 2019, Greiner Technology & Innovation got five submissions for the Innovation Award. Five amazing projects meeting the demanding criteria and as different as they are, they all have one thing in common: They all started with an idea.

In the end, the Board of Directors and divisional managers had to decide: The Innovation Award 2019 goes to the successfully implemented project “Modul VIP,” submitted by Greiner Purtec.

The product, with its features, seizes a market opportunity that was not covered by any competitor yet, thus, creating new standards in the insulation industry. It represents a step forward that benefits not only the product portfolio of the Greiner Purtec but, without a doubt, has a substantial contribution to the environment by increasing energy efficiency.

The product was introduced to the market and, as its sales show, has had a very positive performance. As declared in theory, innovative products are ultimately those able to generate a revenue stream. It is worth noting that the project was developed in a shorter time and with a lower budget than initially planned. We believe this is a sign of a cohesive team, able to creatively and professionally work with resource boundaries, and with excellent project management skills. Currently, the product is patent-pending, contributing to extend the intellectual assets of Greiner.

 Project Leader Daniel Scherhammer (Greiner Purtec): “We are delighted that we have been able to introduce this amazing product to the market. The great project team was able to face any setbacks. It came up with a solution that impresses customers and contributes to a better environment. Using a Modul VIP insulation can save up to 100 kg of C02 equivalent per year, which is a great example of the sustainability strategy of Greiner.”